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2009-01-05 Rules
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IRC: #warsow

  Rules2009-01-05 19:14 | urbasek
When adding a demo You have to be registered and logged user.
Choose category (teams or non-team).
- Teams are : duels, 2vs2, 3vs3, 4vs4, CTF, InstaGib.
- Non-teams are : deathmatches and demos with tricks.
There is also possibility to link movies but firstly you have to contact an admin. Demos to upload have to be compressed with zip and maximum 10MB.
After choosing a category, fill out all the remaining fields: choose type of the game then names and nationality of teams, in case of duels type in players' nicks.

However, tournament games require inserting tag of the clan (not full name!), subsequently the score, pov which has been taken advantage of while recording the demo, type of map (file name, not full name), date the demo was recorded and finally short demo description.
Clicking "Send" button will entail demo's upload, the system will notify you itself once the upload is finished. Demo is being authorized right now, if it met all the requirements one of the admins will accept its publication on the web and evaluate his score (1-10) (If the demo is share on the site name of the admin who approved will also be displayed).
The system enables to comment and score already approved demos, but only for registered and logged users.
Only comments in English are acceptable, rest of them will be deleted by one of our moderators.

Demo name shouldn't contain any non-alphabet characters such as '%^.
All the above will save us trouble and result in faster demos acceptance.

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